Movinghub - Enhance your business as a conveyancer

Movinghub makes it simple for conveyancers to offer an end-to-end service to their moving customers.

Create an adjacent revenue stream by providing utility connections and moving services which integrates seemlessly into your service offering while adding value to your brand.

Movinghub's Proptech solution empowers conveyancers to assist every client with all their utility connections and a full home repair and refurbishment solution all in one, ensuring exceptional client retention throughout their entire property ownership.


Here's why you should consider integrating Movinghub into your conveyancing business:

End-To-End Service
Offer your clients a vast range of home services throughout their entire property ownership or tenancy, all professionally managed with our technology.


Provider Choice
With no provider exclusivity, we offer a vast choice of connection solutions for your clients ensuring more options and better prices.


View eligible commissions and payment status in real time analytics and structure your commissions shares however you wish in your dashboard.


Leading Technology
Movinghub's unique proptech solution easily integrates with your existing software solutions to ensure a seamless workflow and ease of use.


Your Brand, Our Solution
Our solution is tailored to empower partners to utilise their own brand and further strengthen their service proposition with their customers.


Evolving Technology
Our mission is to innovate and push boundaries to create seamless solutions for accessing home services for businesses and their customers.


Truly Independent
Being truly independent means we’re not owned by an energy company, this way we can offer customers choice and competitive pricing to suit their needs.


Data and Analytics
View user friendly insights, detailed analytics, customisable reports via our dashboard and importantly real time tracking of referral status.


Client/Data Ownership
You may entrust us to arrange your clients move or assist them with a service but at the end of it you own the data and the relationship.

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